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Sports Medicine ProgramAre you a rising 6th – 12th grader? The deadline for signing up for Summer Polytech is quickly approaching. You don’t want to miss out on this great summer program where you get to experience almost all of our Advanced Career Education Programs before your sophomore year! Classes start June 18th through July 11th. Rising 6th-8th Graders are encouraged to attend but will not receive a class credit. Rising 9th-12th Graders can receive 0.5 Credit upon completion. Please visit our Summer Polytech page on our website for more information and registration information.

Correction from our Summer Academy listing. Unfortunately we are not able to have the Phamacy Tech program as listed at Highland Springs this summer. Sorry for the confusion.

3 thoughts on “Sign Up For Summer Polytech!”

  1. Greetings,

    Yes we do have Omar Patan going to grade 6th and will be happy to have the opportunity for him attending these courses.
    If this is the summer school program he is already planned to attend but if this is something more than the summer school let me know as I want him to do not miss any opportunity for advancement of his knowledge and education.

    Dr Patan

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